The project

Residential living around the green courtyard

In the heart of Laken, situated in the triangle formed between the streets Countess of Flanders, François Lesnino and Steenbakkerij, is a plot of 48 acres on which this development is realized. The beautifully designed buildings are harmoniously around the green inner courtyard which is an oasis of peace and happiness.


Residences with character and personality

A contemporary and sophisticated design also has its contribution to happiness. The architecture is elegant and fits harmoniously into the surrounding facades from different time periods that can be found in the surrounding streets. Because of the small size of the project,nobody is not a number in the project but a welcome resident among the other inmates. The design breaks the anonymity; we go for maximal sociol contact. 


Living in security, privacy and full environmental awareness

Thanks to the design and the amenities provided as standard, you live in safety and privacy. The bar is set deliberately high for you, future residents. We resolutely build energy efficient apartments, because Mother Earth still has a whole time to go. Moreover, it also saves a lot in your wallet. That makes a man happy too.

Offer and prices

Questions about the project?

  • Immo Brussel bvba (A View on Happiness)
  • Gravin Van Vlaanderenstraat
    B 1020 Brussels


26 october 2015: visit the project

On Sunday, October 26th, 2015 promoters and developers across Flanders and Brussels are opening the doors of their construction projects. We also open the doors to Happiness wide open for you. Visit our apartments in the project "A View of Happiness" and maybe you will discover your luck nest in the heart of Laken.

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